Friday, March 13, 2009

No real damage?

The night that Lily died taught my husband and I that you can't always trust that doctors know all the right answers and they certainly can't predict outcomes. I never thought that my doctor did anything deliberate the night that Lily died, but I do believe that she was not equipped to handle all the events that led up to a. Lily's death and b. my near death. I was never given the side-effects of Cytotec...knowing what I know now I would have never consented to the use of that crappy drug. There have also been questions as to why my doctor didn't act quicker and allowed me to get so sick.

Upon the advice of others we contacted a lawyer to review the circumstances of that night. Long story short the lawyers believe that we definetly have a case that the doctor didn't respond quick enough and that she didn't provide adequate care. The kicker is that although they sympathize that our daughter died that night but that there aren't any REAL damages~ if they had taken my uterus out (thank God that it didn't lead to that, although that was the plan and I had signed all the consent forms) that than they would have been able to pursue a case.

So, in essence your doctor can be completly useless causing your uterus to burst and you can't do anything about it...who's to say that if she had done everything right that my uterus wouldn't have still burst, but it definetly adds salt to the wound when you know that she didn't do all she could do~


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh you got 455 dollars CONGRATS!!!!! I am happy you made it to your goal!

Michelle said...

I've read your blog for awhile, but I've never posted. I'm sorry you had such a crappy doctor and that they don't consider the damages REAL. What does that mean?!

By the way, Lily was one of the names we considered for our daughter. It is beautiful.

Never forgetting Gregory said...

That is just frustrating. The damages done that night were more "real" than anything.