Saturday, March 28, 2009


I belong to a wonderful uterine rupture support group that has been very helpful in sorting out the emotions involved with uterine ruptures. They also have a sub-group for pregnancies after ruptures, so I have jumped in with them because they are all in the same situation that I am...some of the ladies are already pregnant, but a lot of them are still TTC and working through all the fear associated with PARs, especially if its their first PAR. I've only been lurking thus far, but reading all of their posts so far has been extremely reassuring to me that our next pregnancy will most likely end up good.

Our new ob-gyn likened a uterine rupture to a classical c-section scar (where they cut all the way down the uterus and make a T at the top), and he says that women have babies all the time after having a classical scar on their uterus. So, oddly, this news was very reassuring to me. Of course, we will have another c-section and I would never be crazy enough to go for a VBAC after a UR. Even when I was pregnant with Lily and pictured the day that she was born the thought of pushing a watermelon out of a hole the size of a lemon was never something that seemed like fun. I give all of you a high-five out there that love natural births and all, but I'm okay with another c-section.

We have officially decided that we are going to start TTC in June while we are in Scotland~ I so want to be the cliche and get knocked up while on vacay!! It took us nearly 2 years to get pregnant with Lily, but I'm prayerful that God has a shorter wait in store of us next time around.


Mrs. Mother said...

I hope you get your cliche, too, and get knocked up while on vacation.

Never forgetting Gregory said...

I certainly hope you don't have to deal with TTC for a long time again. It is so tough to go through that and even tougher after a loss. Here's to hoping Scotland is the trick!

B's Mom said...

After they told me I could never get pregnant again (while I was in the hospital- not my OB) I remember asking my husband how someone can have a c-section and get pregnant again. What was the difference? No one has told me that example, but it makes perfect sense to me and I also find it VERY reassuring. I'm with you. I would never try for a vbac.

I gave birth to my son naturally without an epidural- let's just say I look forward to a c-section. Seriously.