Sunday, June 27, 2010

I don't know why I do it to myself~

I'm talking about those darn giving birth shows...

I've seen two different shows recently where there was a stillborn baby (both shows dealt with multiple births)that needed to be born which I was actually impressed with because Heaven forbid if we talk about the fact that not all pregnancies end up with pink or blue balloons on your mailbox and happiness jumping out your a-hole...Then they do stuff like the following...

Both of the births were c-sections and I'm totally assuming but I guess this is standard practice in higher multiple births. So, the first birth actually blurred out the dead blurred out like they do when a primetime show is showing nudity. The other show completely acted like the other baby didn't even come out as in completely moved to how much the live baby weighed and showed them ohhing and ahhing...

I was just so put out for the other baby! In fairness, I'm sure it's a crazy emotion to have one baby to come out screaming into the world and know that your other baby won't make a was just the total censuring of the other baby that peeved me...

It's like how I was made to feel weird for carrying pics of Lily in my wallet...or, how some people didn't bother to come to Lily's memorial...Why is it so weird for a dead baby to be shown to the world??? Babies die people...fact of sucks but it happens everyday!

I love to show my daughter...ask me anytime of the day and I will pull out the pic of her in my wallet...actually, it would be my pleasure to show you because she's beautiful in everyway...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My neice had surgery yesterday so we went to go see her in the hospital (minor outpatient surgery but she's 8 so it was huge for her). I decided to go to the gift shop and get her a stuffed animal from Cooper but while I was there a book caught my attention, Naming the Child by Jenny Schroedel. I've seen plenty of self-help/motivational books related to the subject of miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death but a poem in the first few pages propelled me to buy it...and, I haven't been able to put it down. Sometimes, I am able to read a few pages stoically but some pages are read by eyes filled with tears. There are a few items from this book that I'd like to share but will start with the poem that brought the book from their shelf to my nightstand~

~Nobody knew you~
Nobody knew you
"Sorry about the miscarriage dear, but you couldn't have been very far along."
Nobody knew you
"It's not as though you lost an actual person."
...were real.
Nobody knew you
"Well it probably wasn't a viable fetus. It's all for the best."
...were perfect.
Nobody knew you
"You can always have another!"
...were unique.
Nobody knew you
"You already have a beautiful child. Be happy!"
...were loved for yourself.
Nobody knew you
...but us
And we will always remember
By Jan Cosby
I loved this because it incorporated those (normally well-meaning) but stupid cliches that people offer to us when we lose a baby. How many times have we screamed these responses in our hearts and minds when we received these ridiculous words of comfort? I know I have but have always smiled and nodded then changed the subject to safer territory...
I knew Lily's sweet presence from the very moment I knew of her existence...she's could never be anyone else other than Lily. No other name could've sufficed for my precious one...She was real, perfect, and unique...and, most importantly, irreplacable...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lily has been gone for 22 months today. In a mere 60 days she will be gone for 2 years. To most people she is just a mere me she is a constant thought...

I remember the first days, weeks, months after she died I would wonder how I would feel after one year...been there and her absence was still a stabbing jab to every part of my as her 2 year angelversary draws near the stabbing jab is still there...

My friend was telling me about a cute redheaded toddler girl the other day and the pang was still there...I think it was a combination of her being so close to Lily's age and the redhair...

I sobbed while watching the Real housewives of N.J. the other day as I watched Teresa throwing a diva party for Gia...I will never plan a happy birthday party for Lily...instead I'm already planning another memorial luncheon for my family...(anyone know where I can buy butterflies to release that won't cost me an arm and a leg?)

My question is the same today as it was 22 months ago...why me?