Monday, March 2, 2009

Irony? Lunacy?

My dh works with a guy whose stepdaughter was pregnant the same time as when I was pregnant with Lily. So, my dh was talking with this guy the other day about how the baby was doing, and the birthstory was relayed... when her baby boy was born he was not breathing, and it actually took 2 minutes or so for the baby to start breathing~so, everyone was overjoyed to hear his first cries. Do you know this girl has the audacity to complain now that the baby is a few months old that she is sick of his crying? Do I even need to elaborate on why this would really tee me off?

Baby=crying....get over it!


Anonymous said...

it never ceases to amaze me how non baby-loss mommas, just dont get it.

Mrs. Mother said...

People just don't get it at all. I wouldn't wish a loss like this on anyone, but I sure would like for them to have a small taste of it so they wouldn't make stupid comments.

Anonymous said...

The evening after I had my Sara, I was walking around the hallways and I heard a baby crying in one of the rooms, and what a beautiful sound that was to me. Then I heard the "mother" say "won't someone shut that baby up?" This was less than 24 hours after we said good-bye. I completely lost it.