Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lily's t-shirt for the March for Babies Walk

This is the t-shirt that I had made for the members of Team Lily Angeline to wear the day of the walk for the March of Dimes and I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out!

I plan to pin one of Lily's knit caps that she had on in the hospital onto my shirt for the walk as well~the hat is so tiny, but it will serve to me as a reminder for why I'm walking...not just for my baby, but for all our babies~ the babies that survive and for those that are not as forunate...


Bluebird said...

That's absolutely beautiful! And I love the hat idea. DH and I are talking about going somewhere for a Preeclampsia Foundation walk, and I might have to steal some variation of that idea :)

Have you done a walk before?? I really, really want to do this for our Babies, but I'm terrified of all the families - all the people which children who are still with them, despite it all. I'm sure I'll convince myself to get over it, but still - I'm scared!

I'd love your thoughts on this! Please feel free to email me (and/or direct me to your blog post if you talked about it and I missed it!)

Never forgetting Gregory said...

That is a beautiful. What a great shirt. I know it will feel so great to honor your little girl. I was so proud of walking for my little Gregory in October.

Unknown said...

Oh I LOVE it. I planed on making a shirt also for my team members!

Kate said...

I love your shirt idea. I too am making a shirt for our team members. It looks great!

I am so sorry about your precious Lily. Our little one passed away 1-4-09, 10 days after my membrane ruptured. We miss her everyday.

I am looking forward to hearing about your walk. Our walk is May 9th.