Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hidden Video

Today, my dh had a memory pop into his head about a video that he had shot of me while I was pregnant. In this video I'm lying in my bed in my robe with my new bulging belly hanging out for the camera. We were talking to Lily, and my hubby put his hand on my belly trying to feel her moving around. We were both just so happy and excited to meet her. I miss the excitement of planning for her. Those times seem like a million years ago when she has only been gone for 7 months.

Lily continues to be by far my greatest achievement~ and, I'm not real sure that I will ever achieve anything else in life that could make me more proud.

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Never forgetting Gregory said...

Those brief memories of how happy we were when planning for our little ones make dealing with this pain so difficult. I those happy moments were not just memories. Hugs.