Monday, March 16, 2009

Last yeat at this time...

Pretty much to the day last year I was sitting in my RE's office and he was telling me that there was virtually no way that I would be getting pregnant on my own. I remember riding home in the car with my husband and crying my eyes out. My RE told me that I was a perfect candidate for IVF because there was nothing wrong with my eggs or uterus (also, nothing wrong with my honey's stuff), so we had long talks about how we felt about IVF and if it would be scripturally sound for us to proceed with IVF. We decided to do the IVF after long hours of prayer and consulting with other Christians. Little did I know through all the crying that I was already pregnant. I remember telling my husband the night before we took the HPT that it would be great if I could get pregnant on my own so that I could tell the world that when "man says no, God says yes" Well, God did allow me to get pregnant on my own...and, I refuse to allow the testimony that started with her conception end with her death.

How or when He brings a child into our home is still a ball that is in His court...and, I patiently await for Him to throw me the ball~

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Anonymous said...

Jen, you are right. You are meant to have a child to hold and love and I just know that He will provide to you in His time. Hugs!