Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lily's photos

We are going up to visit my family today and I am going to give my family the new photos of Lily. I feel a wee bit like I'm cheating on her by giving out the touched up photos, but I have to be realisitic to the fact that the "real" photos of her are hard for some people to see. I think she is positively beautiful in her photos from the hospital, but I could be biased. I came home yesterday and cried about an hour straight while staring at a photo of her that was taken of her in my arms. The only time that I held my daughter. I just couldn't take my eyes off of her cute little arms and hands.

My sister is super excited to get the photos, because she is just as proud of Lily as she is her other niece (my brother's daughter). My oldest niece, Caitlyn, who will be 10 in two weeks has been asking of a photo of Lily for a long time, and this photos is perfect for her. Caitlyn and I have always been very close, and she has had a really hard time with grieving over Lily. She talks about Lily a lot, even writing a blog about how she feels like Lily kisses her on the cheek every night and that she talks to Lily everyday.

My daughter was born perfect and beautiful in every way, but I had to use a company to touch up her photos so that everyone else can see the same thing that I see when I look at her.


Jessica said...

I understand exactly how you feel. Unfortunately, I think it is hard for others to see past the first glance. Sometimes though, I think maybe we just don't give them enough credit and that they might find them beautiful after all. Lilly's pictures ARE beautiful. Hugs to you!

Never forgetting Gregory said...

I forget that people find those pictures hard to see. I find the pictures of these beautiful babies born too soon to be just perfect. Don't feel bad about the touch ups. You are being a great mom by keeping her photos circulating in your family.