Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adoption Profiles

My hubby is a the epitome of the type A personality and has completed our adoption profile. It looks fantastic, and he put a lot of work into making it perfect. Its just a little strange making a book to "sell" yourself to a woman that is making the biggest decision of her life. There are so many things that have to be you put wedding pics into it to show how great of a marriage that you have, but what if her baby's daddy is a deadbeat and this makes her feel bad. Or putting how much education you have achieved, but what if she never graduated highschool? You can't help but feeling as if you are a piece of real estate~ everyone wants granite countertops, and a nice backyard...but what is going to make a birthmother chose you to raise her baby?

I'm prayful that the Lord already has our birthmother, and therefore baby, chosen and that she will just know without a doubt that we are the ones meant to raise and love her child.


Never forgetting Gregory said...

You guys are wonderful parents and I know your profile will make people love you. I hope you get the call soon. Yay for having it done.

mlg- believe N miracles said...

You both are wonderful people and I think that the birth mom will see in you the love that you both have to give.