Monday, September 1, 2008

Gracie's birthday party

I went to my neice's 7th b-day party yesterday, and even though there were babies there I had a good time! My brother and his wife have a set of twins (1 boy & 1 girl~how lucky can you get?) that will be a year old in October and it was so good to hold them, kiss them on the forehead and look at their new little teeth come in...there really is nothing better than babies! Yesterday was also the first time back to church for me since losing Lily...I've been praying daily and doing bible studies, but haven't been able to get this body moving well enough to get all dressed up for church. It was a nice service and I did leave there feeling a little more peace than when I walked in..I have had a relationship with God since I was 8 so surely He's not mad that I needed a small break from people....not just God's people all people. I'm feeling more grounded though, and like there is still life to be had for this ole girl :) Slowly but surely...

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