Monday, May 18, 2009

What a sight!

Some of you will already now that I work in a senior retirement community, and I love what I do, especially all of my precious friendships that I make with my residents and their families. We also have a rehab unit were they can come do physical/occupational/speech therapy and then go back home. Well, I have these lady that seriously falls and breaks something once a year (God love her) and comes to our facility for 6 weeks at a time, and she came in today for her yearly visit after breaking her hip. Her family is precious! I was pregnant with Lily when she was at my facility last year, so naturally they asked me how the baby was doing. Both of the daughters started to cry, because one of them had a stillborn daughter about 30 years ago. So, I recaped the events of Lily's death and by the end of the story all 3 of us were crying. Could you even imagine what was going through people's minds as they passed my office?

They were thrilled to find out that I'm expecting again, and they commented on how they just know that Lily is watching over me and the new baby everyday. I pray that's true because then she will also see how much I miss her and love her every second of the day.


Bluebird said...

Oh how precious! Is it sick and twisted that I find comfort in hearing about people who still tear up that many years later? Maybe's it's validating - the love is real and truly does endure. Thanks for sharing; what a sweet family.

Beth said...

Wow, that is really touching. I agree with the previous poster about how it is comforting in a weird way to hear that older people still cry over the babies they lost. We'll never forget our baby girls.

Mirna said...

What a very special moment ... Isn't it wonderful that God send special people to comfort us? Yes I am one of those who still have a vivid memory of my baby boy who passed 27 years ago. I am busy writing about my experience and will post it when ready. I just wished I had this much support way back 'cause I was so terrible lonely and grief struck then. I felt like a square in a round hole. Anyway this is YOUR blog and here's a big hug to you! Bless you. :)