Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sometimes questions don't have fair answers...

I'm going to talk about something that maybe a very touchy subject, but I won't use any names...and plus all of this is public record now.

In November, I was selected to be on a jury for a sexual molestation case. The whole case was nasuating, even more so because it was a case where the father had molested his 4 year old daughter. To top everything off~ the mom was also a little loopy. Really the kid should be adopted out in my opinion just because of some of the things that the mom was being accused of during the trial (marrying the father just to get a green card~stayed living with the father even after the little girl had made repeated accusations against the father...that type of stuff). The little girl didn't testify in court, but we watched a couple of the police interrogation tapes during the was heartwrenching to watch this little girl try to explain things that she should know nothing about.

Anyway, I saw this little girl and her mom at the mall today. I kinda wondered if I would recognize them if I ever saw them in town due to the fact that she lives within miles from my house. I know this because during the trial they brought up where the charges had occured several times.

It again makes me wonder about why God allows certain things to happen? Thankfully, it appears that this little girl is not outwardly traumatized by what happened to her. But parts of me wanted to say~"you don't deserve this beautiful child!" to this woman. She is such a darling little child, and she was running around and laughing with some other little girls. I wish I could just adopt this little girl...but it also makes me wonder why did he have to take my daughter if some the ones that are on earth are going to be mistreated?

I guess we are supposed to live in a questioning state about the going-ons of the world, and Lord knows that I am constantly puzzled by the condition of the world. Hopefully, He will grant me understanding of my questions when I return home.


B's Mom said...

You are not the only one who doesn't understand.

Never forgetting Gregory said...

I don't get it either. That breaks my heart and I hate knowing that innocence is being taken from so many beautiful children all over this country. =(