Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dreams rob me of my beauty sleep...

I had a couple of crazy dreams last night, but one of them has me wide awake at 7 AM on a Saturday...darn this stupid subconscious! I would never do to anyone in real life what I did in my I feel really guilty right now~ like this is my true heart and I just don't know it yet.

So, in my dream my hubby and I are on vacation (which sounds glorious right now). I meet this young woman, I'll say she was around 22 or so, who was gripping about being pregnant. She actually told me that she was around 12 weeks pregnant, so she was happy that maybe the rough part was almost over. I said to her "I wish someone had been this honest with me when I was pregnant, but sister the first trimester being over is nothing. Anything could happen and don't count your chickens before they're hatched."

Now, I would NEVER say this to anyone in real life, but in all actuality, I wish someone had said it to me. I was on cloud nine when week 14 hit when I was pregnant with Lily. I read all the stats on the likelihood of a successful live birth once the first trimester was over. I was just so naive. My ob-gyn was always so quick during all of my appointments, so I thought, well, okay I guess nothing really happens during this time of pregnancy. No one wants to burst the bubble of a pregnant lady, but I'm a hard facts kind of girl...and I would have appreciated knowing some of the things that could happen without having to read a million horror stories on the Internet just to educate myself. I carry some of the blame, because Lily was my first pregnancy and I was more into buying baby girl clothes.

But, I continue this cyclic system of deluding millions of pregnant woman into thinking that the first trimester is all you have to worry about...because I do the customary smile and congratulate everytime I'm told that someone is pregnant and then cross my fingers that she will never feel my pain.


aimeeeamomof3 said...

hi! it`s me madycait i`m so sorry about that dream.

Never forgetting Gregory said...

Dreams can be rough but I definitely think that every time I hear about someone being pregnant. Even myself, getting through the first trimester will NEVER be the worst part for us.