Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Heads would roll is all I have to say!

I wonder if any of you have read this story yet? I'm going to post the link so you guys can read the story as posted on the Drudgereport.com, but let me say this...I would own this hospital if I were the momma in this story! I'm furious for her...and also pissed b/c the repercussions for this hospital may depend on if the baby was stillborn or not, b/c stillborn babies aren't considered humans! Ugh!

I'm not going to get on a soap box right now, but here's the link and I would be interested in hearing your reactions to this story~



Beth said...

This is awful! I don't even know what to think!

B's Mom said...

I just ran across this myself, and also posted it on my blog. This really struck a cord with me!

Mrs. Mother said...

I can't read it yet. I just know that it would hurt me too much to do so. I saw the link on Yahoo for it, so I know a little about it.