Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ode to my Uterus

So, let me explain one thing to all of you in bloggerland...I don't blame myself for Lily dying...I blame my uterus. How is that different? My uterus has always been a pain in the a*@ for me. Our bad relationship started back when I started my period the summer before the sixth grade. Our relationship has gone from bad to worse since August 3, 2008. It is because of my bum uterus that the placenta abruption and uterine rupture occured resulting in the best thing to ever happen to me to be taken away. Let me say again~ I'm glad that I have a crummy uterus, and a healthy heart...I don't need my uterus to live, so therefore I don't care about badmouthing her...

I submit the following poem to you guys strictly for entertainment purposes, and I in no means put this forth as a work of art or meaningful piece of literature. I wrote this in like 2 minutes, so I obviously don't take this too seriously! I'm just trying to put into words how pissed off I am at my uterus in my own quirky way. I could throw in a real-life pic of my uterus (I've had two surgeries to correct issues with my useless reproductive organs so these pics do exist) to really set the mood, but I decided against it. Collective sigh released by all, I'm sure :)

Ode to my Uterus
Your daily tasks are minimal but
your performance thus far
has been very dismal
Inside of you is where
life grows and dwells
all I ask of you is not to
burst as you swell
But now you are useless and
I have no option to fire
all thats let to do is to
wait for you to retire.

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Beth said...

I love your sense of humor! :)