Monday, November 24, 2008

I have the best sister in the world!

My sister was the first person that I confided in when my hubby and I decided to expand our little family. I tell my sister pretty much everything, and every month she would say "darn it" when I would start my period (this went on for 17 months), so my sister was the first person my husband and I called when we found out we were pregnant. We talk two or three times a day, and she would always ask me how I was feeling, and it honestly felt like she was just as happy and excited as I was to be having a baby after trying for so long and hard.

She has been equally as heartbroken over Lily's death. She is the one of the few people, other than my husband, that still talks to me about Lily like she was a human being. She has never once given me that pity look and said something along the lines of "accepting God's plan" ...She lets me be sad and just listens. She has been counting the days (along with me) until Lily's due date, and even though its not the type of countdown to the due date that we both had hoped for, she is still a constant presence to let me know that living is still worth it. It has been hard for me to want to go one...losing your child is something no mommy should have to endure, whether your child is 23 weeks old or 50 years old...your heart breaks all the same. But Aimee has been the most loving and supportive soul. A true blessing.

As shown when she gave my hubby and I a snowglobe with Lily's name on it over the weekend. The snowglobe plays music and has a tree in it with a sign that says "we never lose the ones we love, they live inside our hearts"...While most people act as if I should be handling things better, she drove an hour to pick up this snowglobe so that we would have it for Lily's due date.

Thank you Aimee for all that you do...and for not just being a great sister to me but for loving Chuck and being there for him like you have always done for me. We both love you~


Never forgetting Gregory said...

Wow. I'm so glad you have your sister. She sounds so thoughtful and wonderful. What a great Aunt to Lily.

Nivedita Rath said...

What a wonderful tribute to Lily! And the words"we never lose the ones we love, they live in our hearts forever" are so true and expressed so beautifully!Lily lives in our hearts forever....
Lily is so blessed to have a Mom and Dad like you and Chuck,as well as an aunt like Aimee.
I know how much you miss her everyday, just by looking into your eyes.And Jen,what a wonderful way of saluting your sister. I know how wonderful sisters are....and miss mine
(also called Lily)immensely.