Monday, June 1, 2009


Being pregnant again has opened up the possibility of watching baby shows on TLC...I thought I was ready, I mean, I am having another baby. A couple minutes into the show and I was reduced to tears. I think that I will forever feel as if I were robbed of all the excitement and joy that comes with being pregnant and having your first baby. My first pregnancy ended terribly. I never got the chance to give birth to my firstborn and to hear her first cries. I'm even slightly envious of watching these woman go through the pain and sweat involved with having a vaginal delivery. I don't have that option and truly all that matters to me is that my baby arrives safely, but any babies that I do bring in the world will be by c-section.

So, I had a quirky idea that after I'm done bringing forth all the humans that I plan on bringing onto earth that I'm going to have all their names tatooed right above my c-section scar~ or maybe just write the words "this way to the exit"?


Never forgetting Gregory said...

I still cannot watch those shows. They bring on so much anxiety and sad feelings. We have been robbed of a lot, especially you. Steer clear of those shows!

Mirna said...

I don't think any of us can watch those shows without bawling our eyes out. Jen, robbed is good description - I used the word 'missed out' on my baby's blog but I am going to change it. Take good care of yourself! Spoil yourself often. TLC and time is all we need mate! I am praying for Abebe everyday!Hugs ;)

Bluebird said...

Perfect word. I think about this often. I imagine that, even if/ when I'm pregnant again, I'll still have to shield myself from this stuff. It's just too much!!

I was thinking the other day about how I never want to take a "class" again. We took a Marvelous Multiples class. . . um, yeah. As for labor and delivery - well, been there, kind of. Don't want to be reminded of how it's "supposed to go." :)

Love your idea, by the way - I definitely think you go for it!