Friday, June 5, 2009


I wrote a post about our perinatal specialist appointment on Abebe's blog, but just wanted to write about a strange coincidence with the doc today. Evidently, doc was thinking about us this morning driving to work because he is on call this weekend, and he was thinking about the worst on-call weekend that he's had...and, it was the weekend that Lily died and I was so sick. He was thinking about us and how difficult our situation was to him emotionally. The crazy part was that he didn't know we were coming to see him today.

Maybe, God is preparing him for the long weeks ahead?


Heather said...

You and Abebe will be fine. Just fine.

No more worries.

Never forgetting Gregory said...

Wow. Maybe a coincidence but certainly not one that means any harm for your new little one. He sounds like such a caring doctor.

Mirna said...

Check out my comment on Abebe's page. ;)
(don't let this coincidence steal your joy!)