Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day #8

Today, I'm thankful for good health insurance because it has been such a blessing to us since becoming pregnant and since becoming parents to a preemie (31 weeker) with special needs.

We have Unit.ed Health.care's health saving's account which means that money is taken from my hubby's check every 2 weeks and is deposited into a health care account. It's tax-free money, too! The catch is that it has a pretty sizeable deductible, it's $2300 per person or $4500 for the family. Sadly, we've had no problems meeting our deductible since we started using it in 2008.

2008- My hospitalization with Lily was $55,000

2009- My pregnancy with Cooper was high-risk so I went to the doctor every 2 weeks and went to the peri on the opposing weeks. Then, my hospital bedrest and Cooper's nicu charges came out to $368,000!

2010- Cooper was a 31 weeker so he qualified for the Synagis shot (it's supposed to protect preemies from RSV) and it was $1200 a pop so our deductible was met by February!

2011- Cooper's PT costs $330 PER HOUR! So, our deductible was met by April...

I'm not ignorant to the fact that not every American in this country has the ability to pay for such great insurance and this is why I'm so grateful!


Anonymous said...

Medical FSAs are spectacular.

brigette said...

I totally get this!! I agree insurance is so helpful and important. Im loving your thankful list!!