Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day #10

Today, I am thankful for my blogs, especially Lily's blog, because I've been blessed to become friends with some awesome human beings! Most of the friends that I have made along this journey are fellow babyloss mommas but some are just people that happened upon my blog and for some reason they don't think I'm crazy and keep on reading, lol...

I have a group of blm friends that have been there since virtually day one of this crappy journey. I found a group of women that knew exactly what I was feeling and knowing that I wasn't alone was so freeing. I hate that other women know this pain but I didn't feel so alone in my isolation anymore.

I have one (known) male reader and I just love that he reads my blog posts and gives such awesome and caring advice. He doesn't make me feel like some crazy hormonal mom that needs to let things go. I won't point you out but you know who you are and THANK YOU.

I've had a few opportunities recently to meet some of my blm friends! Here are some pics :)

Me and Beth, Ada's mommy (she has 2 rainbow babies now!). Beth was my first blm friend and the first follower on my blog!

Me and Cass, Nathan's mommy.

Me and Susan, Gracie's mommy. I don't do this very often but the little boy in the pic is my rainbow baby :)


brigette said...

How awesome!! I couldnt agree more blog land has been amazing during this journey!! Love, love love the people here. Hugs mama!

Anonymous said...


Trennia said...

beautifully put...