Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good luck?

Normally, I'm not a supersititous person, but I figure whats the harm at looking at every day occurences as possible good indicators of things to come in 2009. Yesterday, while at the tax office a cardinal (red bird) flew onto the windowsill and just sat there for the longest time. At first, I told my hubby that it being there meant that the cardinals would win the Super Bowl...he didn't like that because he is from Pittsburgh, so he is a huge fan of the Steelers. A lot of people see cardinals as a sign of good luck, and I think that little bird did his job seeing as we got money back from the government rather than having to pay! So, after that we went to Penny's to spend some of our tax return, because I want to do my part to stimulate the economy :), I found a quarter~ heads up~ in the dressing room...supposedly, another sign of good luck! Two good luck signs in one day!

So, not that I take these two things seriously, but I'm trying to only take in good vibes for 2009...and finding silver linings in the everyday is helping me to do just that....

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Never forgetting Gregory said...

That's awesome. I love that you are only accepting the positive in 2009 and I can't wait to see wonderful things happen for you this year.