Thursday, October 23, 2008

We have changed...

The following poem was written by my dear husband in memory of our Lily. She will always be remembered and loved as our first child. We as people have changed, we are fundamentally different people than who we are were after the loss of our daughter. We cry and handle each day as they come our way, and we feel sorrow for not being given more time with the child that we loved more than anything.

Lily my Life

One small piece of me I only knew for awhile
Is gone from this earth, though I never saw you smile
A little bit of me and a part of my wife
Formed beautifully for a moment, now forever in my life
There’s no changing now, my old life is gone
I won’t feel the same at the day’s early dawn
Neither a breath to be taken nor a beat of my heart
Can occur without thoughts of you at the start
How brief our time was is not important to me
I loved things about you my eyes could not see
You don’t need to be here on this earth near the ground
Inside of my soul is where your light can be found
It comforts me knowing you’re waiting for us
I know cause God said so, in his word I trust
I don’t want to rush life, there’s much beauty down here
But knowing you’re there has quieted my fear
When my time comes to go there, it will be in peace
My little girl waits with arms open for me
Until then just know you’re with me everyday
You fill every thought until I come your way
I’m glad I had time to hold you tight
I re-live that short moment in my dreams each night
Someday that dream, and that hug, will come true
I can’t wait to hear the words, “Daddy I really missed you”.


aimeeeamomof3 said...

The poem of Lily is VERY beautiful. It really touched my heart. Love you!

Mrs. Mother said...

What a beautiful poem and a sweet husband you have.

Anonymous said...

Wow... that was just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Hugs!

Never forgetting Gregory said...

That is beautiful. He is an amazing writer. How special.