Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday thanks!

I've been so blessed to "meet" some remarkable women since losing Lily and have considered these friends to be my silver lining in my post-Lily life. Yes, people that you've never met in real-life can be "friends" and actually, I go to some of these women with issues before I go to friends that I have in real-life.

Some of these friends took time to remember Lily on her birthday in the way of pics with her name or lighting a candle. My heart became so happy with each new pic. Thank you for remembering her with me.

Hollie (Cameron's mommy)

Christy (Leila's mommy)

Bree (Ella's mommy)

Holly (Jordan and Carleigh's mommy)

Nichole (Lily's mommy)

Maggie (Alexandra's mommy)

Emalee (Kenner's mommy)


trennia said...

beautiful and thoughtful

Jill said...

Lily is so loved and has touched many lives.