Monday, April 27, 2009

March of Dimes Walk

The March of Dimes walk was on Saturday and I didn't die~ as was my previous prediction due to my lack of activity in, well, forever.

My family got into town on Friday night and we ordered pizza and played boardgames. It was great because it reminded me of when I was a kid, all except my sister having one, two (or so) glasses of wine :) I love you, Aimee!!! We woke up early and met some of my friends from work at Marta. Some of my friends from work had never ridden on Marta even though all of them having been living in Atlanta for years~ so, new experiences were had! We got to the walk in our matching Team Lily Angeline t-shirts and was overwhelmed to see how many people were there....literally, thousands upon thousands. At one point there was a t-shirt contest and my sister-in-law got on stage to showcase our t-shirt and I started to cry when the announcer said Lily's name over the soundsystem. It was an emotional experience because there were other parents at the walk and one t-shirt in particular said that they walk for the daughter that lives in heaven and it gave the dates of her birth and death. One little boy was wearing a t-shirt that said "I'm a big brother but my sister lives in heaven." It was surreal to see how many families are affected with premature births, and infant death.

We did the 3.9 mile walk (thank God it wasn't the 5.2 miles that was posted on the website!), and I did blame the baby for needing even more breaks than I had originally attended to take...but, I couldn't help but sigh and say a silent prayer that we won't be doing this walk next year for two babies. It was a beautiful day and I felt extremely blessed to be surronded and supported by my wonderful friends and family. These are the same people that loved Lily while she was here on earth, and continue to love her even after death.

So, here are some photos of the walk~

A pic of me before the walk~ can you see Lily's tiny hat on my t-shirt?
Just a few of all the people ahead of us in the walk!
The drum line that led the family teams to the start line of the walk...

All 14 (15 if you include new little bean) members of Team Lily Angeline~


Mirna said...

You look so happy! Phew, I have been pondering on names for you but I couldn't find anything good enough for the meaning 'surprise' - 'cause that sounded great. Here is a link, have a look - maybe you have a better idea! LOL

Bluebird said...

Thank you so much for sharing your photos - what an AWESOME event! I can't believe the size of the crowd! So glad you had a nice weekend - I'm sure it must have been bittersweet to be able to do something for your Lily :)

I got upset last night after seeing your photos (and reading several other blogs about the March of Dimes walk) - even though the we're doing the pre-e walk, I for sure would have at least participated in the M of D walk if I could have. . . alas, our was last weekend and we were out of town. . . I just assumed everyone else's were last weekend, too, until I saw all the posts!

Anyway, I'm glad everything went well. Love the t-shirts, love that you got to hear your sweet girl's name, love the tiny little had. . . love it all!

Infertile Myrtle said...

Good for you for doing the walk. I love how many people walked for Lilly.

Do you know that if this cycle worked for me you will only be a week ahead of me! Yikes. Team Lefty!

Erica said...

I am so glad your walk went well! YAY!! And look at all the support you had! AWESOME! I know Lily was walking right beside you that day! I love your shirts, and the precious hat.