Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I think about how open I have allowed my life to become with this blog and how violated I feel everytime I receive a random comment or spam message through my email. I don't like it, it makes me feel weird.

I've decided to make Lily's blog private. I know I'm going to lose readers which makes me sad but I think making my blog private will actually allow me to share more. I worry about people in real life reading this blog and sometimes hold back. This will give me the opportunity to be 100% honest. There is more to me than what I've share so far, hard to believe, huh?

I'm going to leave things public for a few days but if you would like to continue following then please send me an email to

Jen, Lily's mommy


Trennia said...

I want to follow!
Hey can you tell me how to set mine private, like you I want to share more,but I know I can't in public.

Bree said...

Add me please. :) xo