Saturday, February 5, 2011

A great man~

I went to the mall today by myself (Cooper and daddy went to a home improvement store to do boy stuff) and walked through the toddler girl department. I allowed myself to gaze and gingerly touch some of the most girlie dresses and thought about my bad day the other day.

My main thought was about how I called my hubby as I drove out of the Chick-fil-a parking lot and was crying as soon as he answered the phone (and, promptly assured him that there was no emergency!) I can't tell you how many times I've made the "I'm just having a missing Lily" moment over the last 30 months because it's countless. Each time, he helps me through the tears and has me smiling again by the end of the conversation. He never says "can I call you back" or "you gotta let this go..." but instead he says "I know, I miss her, too" My hubby is awesome, caring, loving, and compassionate. I am blessed.

I don't think I could've found a better man to be the father of my children. He's a great man...and, like a 70+ year old lady at church told me the other day "a good man is hard to find!"

I love you, honey and thank you! XXXXXXOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXX


Trennia said...

That is sweet :)
You are right they are hard to find thankful I have one too!

Sarita Boyette said...

It breaks my heart for you about the Lily moments. I used to lovingly touch the baby girl clothes, too, and miss my baby so much. Glad there are cell phones and that you can call hubby and get a boost. Yes, good men are hard to find - glad you found yours. xoxo

Antoinette said...

sometimes i think if it wasnt for anthony "letting" me grieve how i need and being there for me I dont know where I would be. I think it all starts when you marry your best friend. ((hugs)) I dont know if we will ever be able to look at the "girlie" things and not feel heartbroken. =*(

PS, why cant i see Coopers blog?

Melissa said...


chuck's truth said...

Just read this honey. I love you.

A good woman is just as hard to find and I am lucky to have found mine... love C