Friday, October 23, 2009

Sorry, I suck!

I've been nominated for a few awards from some very sweet ladies and I'm FINALLY going to get this up and moving. I suck for not doing this before because what the heck else do I have going on...napping, reading, watching mindless television, but alas here I am! I'm going to go in the order that I received them...

I received this award from Lea and Bree ! Thanks, girls! You know I love you both, too!

There are some simple rules to accept this award. Firstly, pass the award on to 7 other bloggers and secondly, list 10 honest and hopefully interesting things about yourself. So, I pass this award on to: Just click on the name to check out the blogs that I enjoy reading...








1. I have an unhealthy obsession with cleaning my ears with q-tips. It almost puts me to sleep!

2. I love beer. I love beer tastings. I don't drink beer to get drunk but I love nothing better on a Friday night than a big slice of pizza with a Killians...Will have to figure out how to have a beer and breastfeed :)

3. I'm a social worker in real life. I was the only social worker in the program at UGA that begged to be placed in a nursing home. I love the elderly and actually miss my patients at my last place of employment more than I miss my co-workers. (with the exception of my fabulous Nivedita)

4. I snore. I mean I snore like a elderly man. If my poor hubby wants sleep than he has to beat me to the bed. I'm sure the last 6 weeks have given him some good zzzzz's.

5. I met my hubby on the internet. We talked for a month, met on October 10, 2005, got engaged on December 14, 2005 and were married on March 4, 2006...the best decision I ever made and haven't regretted the whirlwindness of our courtship for one second. He's my life and my best friend.

6. I have a tattoo of a turtle on my stomach. Right now, its not so cute...but, you're not thinking of being fat and pregnant when you're 18. What started out as a cute little turtle is morphing into a galapagos...

7. I love Jeopardy even though I feel dumb at the completion of each show. I'm convinced that intelligence is really just the ability to recall information that you've read or seen, so I believe that I will be a super genius if I just watch enough Jeopardy...

8. I love to travel and I wish I were the type of traveler that could backpack it, sleep in hostels, and live off of peanut butter crackers. Instead I'm the type of traveler that has to have an outfit for everyday, stay in at least a 4 star hotel, and love living of the local cuisine. My hubby works at Delta so at least the airfare is covered :)

9. Always said that I rather throw myself off a cliff than be a diabetic. I am a meat and potatoes girl and I HATE vegetables. All of them. In my mind they are evil. So, watch the words that you throw out into the universe! I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes for 2 weeks and they've been the longest 2 weeks of my life.

10. I'm sure that my cat understands english and that she is reincarnated by someone really cool. I'm a Christian so I don't really believe in reincarnation but she is just too cool to be just a cat. She is by far the smartest cat on the planet and I'm sure its because of all the Jeopardy that she has watched with her mommy :)

** I promise to do more awards but mommy needs to get her bedrest butt back in the bed**


Lea said...

You're too cute..... some very interesting insights!

Mirna said...

I loved reading your list! phew, i need some time to gather mine... I am drained to say the least... Mom is flying back on Wednesday. Hugs and a truck full of love! :)

Anonymous said...

Jen, thank you for the award!! I am working on my 10 now. Thank you for sharing. I loved hearing about your cat. I am a huge cat person. :)

Leila's mommy said...

actually, beer helps produce milk! who knew?! something like half a beer will help with milk production, and alcohol will only be in your milk the same length of time it stays in your blood system. of course, you could always pump and dump!
i also have a turtle tattoo, but it's on my ankle. i have a heart tattoo on my belly and it magically resumed it's normal shape and size after giving birth!