Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Parade of Candles!

Have you ever seen a parade of candles? I want to thank all of you lovelies that sent pictures of the candles that you lit for Lily's birthday. Every email warmed my heart!


This one's actually the one I did :)








And, Trennia did this really cute scrapbook for Lily, and I don't know how to post the link with out just copying and pasting (I'm a little remedial, sorry!)
Thank you all again for celebrating Lily's birthday with me. ((hugs))


Mrs. Mother said...

Oh, those are beautiful. I wish my camera wasn't broken. I would have sent one to you, too. I have a candle for Jenna, and I lit it, too.

Marie W said...

Beautiful. Lily is one loved little girl.

Bree said...

These are so beautiful, Jen.

It is really easy to include a link in your post. My blog friend taught me how to do it. You highlight the word you want people to be able to click on. Then you click on the little globe/world button up near where you click to add photos. A box should pop up and ask for the URL. Type in the website and click ok and that's it. I hope that makes sense.

Mirna said...

Yes I agree with Marie, Lily is one loved little girl. (Thanks Bree, now I know too :))

Emily said...

If that doesn't warm your heart, I don't know what will...

I'm so glad people participated. I was NOT happy when I came back from a weekend visit with family and saw that I missed it. But we said a little prayer for you, Lily. And for your mommy and daddy. And I just know your heavenly birthday party was unimaginable.

(word verification: inglic. Angelic?)

Bluebird said...

How that must warm your heart :)

I'm so sorry I missed it.

Emalee said...

They all turned out beautiful!

Summer said...

So beautiful!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love it......Really beutiful....enjoyed your blog and will be back to read more...