Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Afterlife...

My sister and her three kids came to stay with us for a quick little trip (she only lives an hour and a half away), and we really had a great time. We went to the Georgia Aquarium, Fernbank museum, and to Dave and Busters for dinner. I should give a little background info before starting in on the conversation that my hubby and I overheard between two of my nieces.

My sister and I are obsessed with the Sci-Fi show Ghosthunters. We have always loved ghost stories and even if we can't sleep with the lights off for a week, we are always the first ones in line to see a ghost movie at the theatres. I don't know, maybe something happened to us when we are kids, but we're weird that way! So, Ghosthunters did a recent show at the Georgia Aquarium dealing with the Titanic exhibit~ some EVPs and some personal experiences of the cast members and they concluded that the place does have some paranormal energy. Not that I really put stock into any of this, because I would have no explanations for why a person would be here after they die since I'm a Christian...its really just for entertainment value. Anyways, enough background information!

My two oldest nieces, Caitlyn (10) and Gracie (7) must have overheard things that my sister and I were saying to each other while walking through the Titanic exhibit, because the following conversation occurred at lunch:

Caitlyn: "I wonder if Lily is a ghost and she is haunting the Titanic exhibit"
Gracie: "No! Lily is an angel! She's not a ghost, Caitlyn!"

Aunt JenJen pops in at this time to tell them that Lily is living in heaven, and that she really isn't either. We go through the whole when we die we go to live with Jesus, and that He makes us perfect when we come home. Gracie then tells me (my heart breaks here) that she has never heard of a baby dying before Lily died, and its hard to explain to a 7 year old how bad things happen in life.

One true thing remains is that Lily has great cousins, because they still talk about her, even if its in strange conversations like this one...and, I know they will be great cousins to Abebe.


Never forgetting Gregory said...

As much as it hurts, it feels so good to have our babies mentioned by others and included in conversation. It sounds like Lily does have some sweet cousins.

Mirna said...

I dunno what to say. Hugs and more hugs. ;)

Bluebird said...

Oh that's so sweet. I'm so sorry sweet Lilly wasn't with you at the aquarium, but how wonderful that her cousins think of and talk of her.